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TwoTied Videos

Tusya And Tigra
5:00 Minute Video: Roped, gagged and tumbling

Slastena & Tigra
5:02 Minute Video: Hot babes in mini dresses, wrists, knees and legs tightly cinched with rope, cleave gags to keep them quiet

Tama & Viki
5:10 Minute Video: Double String Up

Suslik & Xsuha
5:04 Minute Video: Kitchen Play

Sveta & Wendy
5:06 Minute Video: Tied up to each other on the kitchen floor. The struggling and thrashing around will keep you on your toes, will they get out of this?

Michelle & Ofelia
5:11 Minute Video: Back to Back ... Watch Those Hands

Tigra & Wendy
5:04 Minute Video: Double trouble! Watch out these two are in big trouble. I had to gag their mouths to shut them up. Then I tied them up tightly and watched these hot girls moan and groan and struggle to no end!

Lii & Tusya
5:20 Minute Video: Dresses, Heels & Boobs

Slastena & Tigra
5:01 Minute Video: Slastena and Tigra in their hot little sundresses in a reverse hog tie and a gag each to shut them up.

Tigra & Sveta
4:54 Minute Video: Tigra and Sveta get put in their place for being naughty girls. We got their waists, elbows, wrists, knees and ankles all tied up tight. Warning this may be to hot for your eyes proceed with caution!

Kaprize & Michelle
5:03 Minute Video: Tied and Tickled

Tigra & Sveta
5:00 Minute Video: Hot as fire and sinful babes get their wrists and ankles tied together and then hooked to each other, high heels and gags make it one hot video

Kaprize & Michelle
5:05 Minute Video: Gagged On Camera

Slastena & Tigra
5:06 Minute Video: These dirty girls get their knees, wrists and ankles tied to the kitchen chairs. Watch them struggle and almost fall of the chairs trying to get loose

Kaprize & Michelle
5:06 Minute Video: Before We Get Tied You Need Spanked

Sveta & Wendy
5:01 Minute Video: The great escape! These sexy girls struggle and fight to get out of these tight ropes. Will they break free?
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